The German Shepherd Dog Club of Western Pennsylvania

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Each person listed has signed this breeders code.

Breeder's Code

In keeping with my dedication to further the betterment of the GERMAN SHEPHERD breed, I herewith pledge to maintain the following minimum practices:

1. To maintain the best possible standards of health and care in my kennels and to offer for sale only puppies or adult dogs which to the best of my knowledge and belief are of sound temperament, in good health, free of hind dewclaws and free of external and internal parasites.

2. To refuse to deal knowingly with unethical breeders and dog wholesalers or retailers including pet shops, nor to deal with any buyer where I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for. Furthermore, I understand that upon the sale of any puppy to a wholesaler or pet shop, my membership in the GSDC of W.PA, Inc. will be forfeited.

3. To keep and pass on to the buyers of puppies or adult dogs accurate health, breeding and Pedigree records, feeding instructions, and registration forms.

4. To withhold official papers and registration certificate, by written agreement between the buyer and myself, when a puppy or adult dog has natural, disqualifying faults of a nature which makes his or her use for breeding detrimental to the furtherance of the breed; unless said animal has been surgically rendered incapable or reproducing.

5. It is mandatory, for the protection of the breeder and the buyer that a sale be accompanied by official written contract supplied by the GSDC of W. PA, Inc., or one similar to it, setting forth the full and complete terms of the sale, with a signed copy to each party involved. I, the breeder, shall refrain from making false or misleading claims or guarantees in advertising or sale of any litter or dog.

6. I shall not artificially alter the appearance of a dog used for breeding or showing in any manner unless such alteration is specifically approved by the breed Standard or the American Kennel Club rules.

7. To urge all buyers to have a puppy or adult dog sold by me examined by a licensed veterinarian acceptable to both parties within 48 hours of receipt.

8. To deliver or ship only puppies or adult dogs of sound health and temperament. Where the buyer or his authorized representative did not personally see and choose the puppy or adult dog shipped by me, a period of 72 hours after receipt by buyer, is granted to return or advise that he will return the animal promptly. Such return shipment to be at buyer's expense or as previously agreed.

9. To allow the buyer of any "showable" dog as defined in said contract, under one year of age, a period of time up to the dog's first birthday within which time the buyer may return the dog for a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement, as agreed at the time of purchase, if said dog develops one or more permanent natural disqualifying faults as listed in the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog and the American Kennel Club "Rules for Dog Shows".

10. I will not refer stud service to any bitch I consider to be in poor health or of poor quality for breeding. Nor shall use at stud a dog with such failings. I will not breed any animal with disqualifying faults as listed in the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog and the American Kennel Club "Rules of Dog Shows".

11. To allow one repeat stud service where a bitch has failed to conceive after being bred to one of my studs, if the stud is still in good health and available; and at such time and place as mutually agreed by the owner of the bitch and myself.

12. I will not maliciously degrade any member, his stock or his kennel operation.

13. I understand that puppies or adult dogs will not be referred for members during their interim membership year.